Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Subject: Spring is in the Aisle!

Hi friend!

So, I was alone in Michael's the other day exchanging a picture frame and since there was no baby to distract me, I really took my time and looked at everything in the store. It was so relaxing and all their new inventory got me excited about spring. I think we all knew birds were big, but apparently they are here to stay...and stay and stay. There was a lot of bird-related things. Anyway, to start things off:

I really love the idea of a pair of topiaries in the window above my kitchen sink. Of course, I could do without the huge bow and fake bird glued to the branches, so I'll keep looking. (The bow could easily be removed, I think, but the bird was attached pretty strongly - believe me, I pulled on it!)

Incidentally, Down East Basics - one of my favorite clothing sites - now has home accessories! They have two types of topiaries, I think I like the double one on the right:

So, I'll keep that source in my back pocket. I was hoping I would find some really cheap when I went to the big neighborhood-wide garage sale a few weekends ago, but no. I scored some awesome 12-month clothes for Suz and a few books for her...but the light fixtures and mirrors I was imagining where not there. Boo!

And now for Michael's Bird Parade:

The cage thing would be cute on a bookshelf or stacked on some books on a table in an entryway. I like the little white bird, but I don't really understand why they have those crazy crowns? Literally, the tag said "bird with crown." What??? The bird bath is cute too. I think little tchotchkes like those are what gives a house some depth, so I am always on the lookout for cute little things like that.
Down East Basics is also bird-crazy:

White Bird Cages

Ceramic Blackbird
I also think these Boxwood Balls are cute:

Michael's also had this print I wanted to share, even though it's not necessarily spring-ish:

They also had a spoon version, which would be cute to have the two in a kitchen. Maybe in my kitchen??? We'll see.

Then this box was interesting to me:

I don't know if this picture does it justice, but basically it's a faux crocodile leather miniature suitcase. It would be great on a bookshelf to hide whatever you don't want to be seen - computer cords, family photos. I'm always looking for clever storage solutions so I don't feel so bad about keeping some of the crap I insist on keeping!
I kind of enjoyed taking pictures of things to show you in a store. I will have to do it again soon!

Talk to you soon -

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