Thursday, March 3, 2011

Subject: An Oy Vey Project

You know when you are really mad about something and you don't want to talk about?  That's how I feel about these chairs.  I am mad at them because I basically hated working on them.  I decided painting intricate furniture is not what I enjoy doing.  Probably painting any furniture is not what I enjoying doing.  I like finding the pieces and picking the paint and the fabric, but painting is ick!

However, I must admit all lacquered up, they are looking pretty good.  Hubby even helped me recover them with this fabric which is called Pen Pal. 

I believe the writing is French, although I haven't tried that hard to read it.  They are now around the kitchen table and pretty much that's all I have to say about them.  Oh, the grand total of the project was probably about $60.  That includes the paint, fabric and new foam inserts.  Then if I charged an hourly rate for the amount of time that went into painting them (all four coats) the chairs are probably at $1000.  HA HA!

We leave for a wedding tomorrow in South Florida, so I will talk to you next week!

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