Friday, February 11, 2011

Subject: Inherited Furniture

Hi Kara - TGIF!  

When I met Hubby a few years ago there was a piece of furniture in his parent's house in Florida that I LOVED.  I am not quite sure if we are engaged at the time, but I remember telling them that if they were ever considering getting rid of the piece, I would love to have it.

Well, about two months ago, they said they were hiring a mover to bring some of their South Florida furniture to their Georgia house and ask if I wanted the piece that I loved.  

So, today the étagère was delivered!

Aren't the details so whimsical?  I think it has a little bit of the Anthropologie vibe to it.  And I'm so glad that I don't have to paint the piece!!!!  I just need to wipe it down and figure out what I am going to display.  Any suggestions??  For now it's in the living room, but my mom suggested that it may be sweet in a little girls room one day with all of my Madame Alexander dolls on display.

Do you have any furniture in your house that is inherited?  

Can't wait for my next post.  Tomorrow I'm headed to someplace that's supposedly really cool.   Full report very soon!

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