Sunday, February 6, 2011

Subject: Are you ready for some football??

Hey K - I've totally been MIA.  The reason is one!  Promise to write back with all my thoughts on your great e-mails/blog posts from last week, but couldn't resist sending you a quick note on this Super Bowl Sunday.

I think this is the first year that I have not attended some kind of Super Bowl party.  It was my mom's birthday last night (Happy Birthday, Mommy!), so my entire family had dinner together last night.  Which for some reason led to everyone just doing their own thing tonight.  

While you know I love to spend hours in the kitchen, this "holiday" for some reason lends itself to all things greasy and gross.  Hubby and I had a mix of both.  We started off with chips and queso, straight from the jar, and ended with a main dish that I am sure has now become a House of Peach staple!  

Here's the night in pictures...
Hubby at our new BBQ

French Bread + An AMAZING Homemade Tartar Sauce
Add some grilled Tilapia

What you're left with is Paula Deen's Grilled Tilapia Po' Boy!!  YUMMY!
Here's our spread.  My laziness is evident based on the Publix macaroni and potato salad being served out of the original containers!
Hubby did serve the Friday's Potato Skins on our Limoges "R" dish though!
Hope your Super Bowl Sunday dinner was filled with as much delicious and unhealthy food as mine was!  With one quarter left, I think I am going to go shower and wait for Glee to come on.

Have a good night!

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