Monday, February 7, 2011

Re: Project Progress & Painting

I have no idea why I am up.  But since I am, I've been dying to write to you in regards to your MIL's Chinese Chippendale office chair.  While I didn't know the technical name before, I am no stranger to that chair.  It happens to be a prop in one of my all-time favorite shows - Gilmore Girls!!  Not sure if you are a Lorelai Gilmore fan or not, but the Dragonfly Inn, which she owned with best friend Suki, had a dining room full of these chairs.

The Evidence:

Too bad MIL didn't want to just hand over the chair!!  In any event, you did a great job.  Did you spray paint or hand paint the chair?  I'm still debating with myself which technique is better.  Also, suggestions for online fabric stores?  I need something to cover the seats of my kitchen chairs.  I will be done painting them this week.  (Hopefully!)  I think I'm on coat 977.  OY VEY!

Well, hope you are sleeping!  I'm heading to bed now.  Night!

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