Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re: A Very Grown Up Purchase

Oh my blog, Melissa! I love your new dresser! And I totally get what you mean about "investment" pieces of furniture. Something that is classic that you love now and know you will love forever is worth a little splurge. It's like investing in a classic pencil skirt or trench coat...I love comparing home decor to clothes shopping :)

That is the experience we had when purchasing our coffee, pictured below. It is the Rhys Coffee Table by Pottery Barn. I loved that it had storage drawers AND an open display area. We use it to show off our coffee table books and the drawers are the perfect size for VHS tapes (we still have a few left) and other odds & ends that needed a home. It was pricey, but we bought it in-store and brought it home ourselves, so we saved on shipping, plus we had some money on a gift card, which didn't make a huge dent in the purchase fact, I think it only covered the tax, but whatever! It was totally worth it and I can't imagine us ever getting rid of it. And, after 3+ years of daily use, it still looks great.

I wish you and your new dresser all the best and hope you have a long and happy life together.

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