Thursday, August 4, 2011

Subject: La La Land Part 2

Welcome to day two of LA living and some detail shots of my brother's know the one that's about a million miles away!!  (Tear!)  So, brother lives in a studio if you couldn't tell from yesterday's pictures.  I think it's nice that the bathroom is separated by the hallway/closet.  I've seen some studios that are literally just boxes.  I'm pretty sure his entire place is equivalent to my master bedroom/bath/closet, but he's making it work.  I think I have too much crap stuff to live in a studio...probably the reason I never lived in NY like all my girlfriends, but something about being in a confined space seems fun.  Like you just bring the essentials and you probably spend way more time outside of your place than in it.  However, since I am this biggest couch potato I know, I've just discovered reason #2 why I never moved to NY or any other big city for that matter.

Okay, on to the pictures before I continue blabbing about nothing important.

Thanks to my brother for moving to LA so I had something to blog about yesterday and today!!  And for the awesome pictures, too.  Such a photographer!

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Peach's Mom said...

Such sibling love!