Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Re: Talbots

Oh my gosh! It's so funny to me that you mentioned Talbots...we are seriously on the same brain wave. A few weeks ago I was leaving the mall and passed Talbots on my way out and saw display photos in the windows and wanted to go in and have a peek. It was like Betty Draper but with a modern twist: polished and elegant, but still youthful and...edgy? Maybe not edgy, but definitely not what I associated with Talbots before: stuffy, boxy, boring. I went in there once when I was looking for something to wear to some event - maybe a wedding? - and left the store running. The stuff wasn't terrible, but it wasn't youthful and it wasn't me. So are we totally dating ourselves with liking Talbots? Have they changed or have we? I like to think they have changed!

So then, fast forward to last week when I was reading Jordan Ferney's blog and she mentioned Talbots too. And now you bring it up. So apparently lots of people are noticing the new direction they're going in. I looked around their website some after Jordan talked about it and could not believe how stunning Julianne Moore looked. She is gorgeous! This picture, though, caused me to do a double-take:

Um, is that Julianne Moore...or Lindsay Lohan??? And I don't know who this is better for: Julianne, because she looks so young, or Lindsay because she will look like Julianne one day (which, actually, is kind of an improvement). I think Lindsay is the real winner here.

So anyway, thanks for reminding me about this place! Speaking of fashion and clothes, we are going to my sister-in-law's 30th birthday party on Friday night and we're supposed to dress in black and white. Ahh! I can't decide if I love or hate the limitations. It's kind of nice because it really narrows down my wardrobe, but then the rebel in me wants to do a splash of pink somewhere. I haven't decided what to wear yet, but I just got these shoes in black:

From where? Um, Payless. Yes, I know. Crazy. So now I'm loving the idea of wearing them with some cropped white jeans and my black swing jacket and maybe even a black-and-white striped top. I actually only own the jacket, but I'm sure I can find what I'm looking for somewhere. Plus, it just seems like a great summer ensemble. Of course JCrew has the jeans and the top:

With a pair of chandelier earrings and maybe a chunky silver bracelet. Yum. So, we'll see what I actually end up wearing, but who isn't ready for spring???

Happy shopping,

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