Friday, December 10, 2010

Subject: Mad Men Party UPDATE

Hi-eee! So it was about a million years ago when I last told you about my friend's Mad Men party and wanted to give you the deets on the actual night. First: it was awesome! My friend did such a great job planning and there was the perfect amount of people. Everyone dressed up - most of the men were in suit & ties - which made the whole affair seem extra special and almost made it feel like we were at a wedding reception. She had lots of heavy hors'dourves which were delicious and a fully-stocked bar (picture below - it was the only picture of the bar I could find...sorry for the cheesey folks on the side!). She had printed up little cards with "recipes" for making drinks from the show, like a Manhattan, an Old-Fashioned and a Gimlet, which became my personal favorite. It's the drink Betty ordered in the bar at the end of season 2, right after she found out she was pregnant (so much for prenatal care) and right before she Did the Deed with a random guy at the bar in some back room at the bar (classy).

The weather was cool but not cold and the guys spent most of the night outside by a bonfire, smoking cigars and enjoying their Scotch or Bourbon while the ladies stayed inside and played an enthusiastic game of Pictionary/Charades with 1960s-themed clues. (Examples: Rosa Parks, Zorro, the Bunny Hop...all very hard to draw/act out.) It was especially fun because you could choose to draw or act it out - it was your choice - but you were going head-to-head against a player from the other team. It was fun. Trust me. Don't we all look especially Stepford-esque here???

All in all - dressing up for a party is the way to go. Everything just feels more exciting and fun. And I stuck with my goal of only wearing clothes from my actual closet. The same went for my husband. I did purchase false eyelashes and a friend-of-a-friend gave me an awesome "poof" and flipped up my hair on the ends. And she did it without a Bump It because she said they are "cheating." Awesome.

Anyway - it was a successful night and very fun. I think I will re-watch Season 4 soon...the party made me miss the show!

Have a great weekend!!

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