Monday, November 1, 2010

Re: Subject: Accent Walls

Dear Mrs. Homeowner -

First, I have to admit - I am terrible at wall decor. We lived in our house for nearly three years before I finally decorated a huge, blank wall in our kitchen. I just shut down mentally sometimes because I get overwhelmed by the options and then I don't do anything. Encouraging, I know. I just like to come from a place of honesty :)

Anyway, I love your inspiration and the overall look you are going for. Will your television be out? Like, not tucked into an armoire, but on a piece of furniture so it will always be visible? Since your television is most likely rectangle with straight sides (I mean, right?), I like the idea of doing something kind of eclectic and bringing in some shapes and textures. I really liked the first picture you sent with the striped wall - the grouping of things together (especially the mirror), not the stripes themselves. You could incorporate a mirror, some plates, a shadow box, a wreath, maybe even a few empty window frames if you wanted. You could either do all black & white photos or mix it up and do some colorful paintings too. Maybe just keep the frames all similar so there's some cohesion.

I also like the idea of doing something subtle on the actual walls to act as a backdrop. Have you seen this post from Little Green Notebook? I like how the "wallpaper" is obviously there, but it's not so in-your-face that there would be too much going on with the television (especially when it was on) and everything else you put on the wall. This might also be a good option too because if you ever got tired of it (which you inevitably will), you can just paint over it instead of having to peel wallpaper (dreadful).

Okay, I hoped this helped some. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to start seeing some before & after pictures!


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