Thursday, October 21, 2010

Subject: The Beginning

Melissa -

I am very excited about this project with you! Even though we are in two different states, I love that we stay in touch via email, sending each other links and pictures of our latest projects, ideas and inspiration. And now we're taking it public.

I think a blog is such a fun idea, but it always seemed so awkward to start: who was I writing to? who was reading and giving me feedback? And now it's you! (Along with our millions of adoring fans, obviously.) I've always said that I wish my job could be home projects and sharing my cooking adventures, but how do you make a living doing that? Exactly. B-L-O-G.

So the awkwardness ends here, except for maybe whoever is reading this - they have access to all of our thoughts and conversations! Yikes! But hello - who wouldn't be interested in our brilliant dialogue dissecting Mad Men and the evolution of JCrew from college staple to luxury brand? (I really do miss the JCrew of old!)

Looking forward to it,

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